Gearing up for a Marathon? Here's what you'll need.

February 16, 2017

As marathoners and runners, we face several problems during our run. Sometimes these obstacles can be the only factor differentiating your win from a loss. In India, we do not give enough importance to these problems, causing unsafe and ineffective running practices. Today, we look at some easy solutions and remedies to help you overcome these obstacles.

#1 Bib Fastener

The first and foremost necessity of a marathon is your Bib or your Race number. Most runners in India attach their bibs using a safety pin, often causing holes in their jersey tops and even unintentional poking. With the Tannlines BibClips, you can just adhere your bibs or Race number card upright, by simply clipping it to your t shirt without the hassle of safety pins.

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#2 Anti-chafing Cream


If you are a regular runner, you must’ve certainly heard of the joggers nipple. During a marathon, the runner’s nipples get bruised, and in some cases start bleeding due to the friction created from the clothing. To prevent this, marathoners must use a Anti--chafe Cream or petroleum jelly. There are several such creams available online, but the most commonly used is Vaseline jelly. This is easily available and works effectively.


#3 Kinesiology Tape


This is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. These are extremely useful and can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions. Kinesiology tapes are easy to apply and prevent cramps and muscle pulls during running. A lot of athletes have been using Kinesiology taping to enhance their performance and heal their muscles faster. In India, some popular brands are Epos Tape and Nasara.


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#4 No Tie Shoelaces

Have you experienced your shoelace coming off in the middle of your run or your work out session? We all hate having to tie our shoelaces again and again. NoTie laces, as the name suggests, is an advanced lacing system that saves you from this task. All you have to do is install these laces, adjust the tension, lock the laces and you’re good to go. You don’t need to tie your laces ever again!


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#5 Blister protection

We often notice blisters and broken toe-nails among runners, marathoners and even athletes. This has been a common problem since a long time. But it is also the most neglected problem of all. Usually, runners don’t pay attention to this, until the blisters get extremely painful and you cannot go to training the next day. To prevent these blisters, moist your toes or apply powder and wear good quality socks to reduce friction between your feet and shoes. You can also wrap a band-aid around your toes and be blister-free.


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