Tannlines BibClips

Tannlines BibClips are the newest and safest way to adhere your Bibs/ Race number to your running singlet or jersey top.

With our new BibClips, all you need to do is clip it on and you're ready to go!


Why you should get Tannlines' BibClips?

  • You don't need to use any safety pins at all, which means no damage to your clothing.

  • It is a lot safer to use

  • You bibs will remain help straight and upright throughout the run.

  • The BibClips are available in many colours to match your tops.

Get your Tannlines BibClips today!

Tannlines NoTie Laces

Don't we all hate tying our shoe laces, especially in the middle of our training session. Tannlines has just the right pair of laces for you. Tannlines NoTie shoe laces are high-quality advanced lacing system designed for utmost comfort, performance and ease. We know because our athletes love them.

How It Works?

Replace your old shoe laces with our NoTie laces, adjust the tension according to your requirement and finally clip it up to hold your laces in place. Install it once, and you don't need to tie your laces again. With Tannlines' NoTie laces, you can turn any shoe into a slip-on and be readier than ever for your next run or training session.





Key Features:

  • Easy to install

  • NoTie laces promise better comfort and support to your feet compared to conventional laces.

  • These are elastic laces, so you can adjust them to suit your fit.

So whether you’re an athlete, senior citizen, or a kid who hates tying shoe laces, these NoTie laces are the perfect solution for you.

Get Yourself a Pair now.

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